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I first encounter the waters shortly before 5 am at 17th Avenue, facing west from Centre Street. That's when it became real. The rising waters quickly surround cars parked in downtown Calgary.
A local resident watches in disbelief as waters rise in the beltline. Macleod Trail South becomes a river. Stampede Park is in the background.
Barriers intended to keep people away from the danger, just can't keep the water out.
This is Macleod Trail South. Stampede Park is in the background.
The Elbow River's waters cross Centre Street on 17th Avenue in downtown Calgary.
The flood waters of the Elbow River rush below a pedestrian bridge connecting Mission to the Talisman Centre. St. Mary's High School in the background. The Calgary Tower stands defiant amidst all the turmoil, echoing the sentiments of most Calgarians. With Stampede weeks away, the show must go on! Crews working hard to warn the increasing morning traffic of the impending danger ahead.

Calgary Flood // Part 2 of series by Jon Pernul 

At dawn, Friday June 21st, the city awakens to debris, sludge and the murky waters of the Elbow River that rapidly advance through low-lying neighbourhoods in the inner city.

Shot between around 5 - 7 am in the morning in downtown Calgary.

I want to thank everyone who responded to my first set in this series: Calgary Flood // Part 1. It’s sad to see what’s happened to this beautiful city. It may not be the same, but we will rebuild and things will eventually get back to normal.

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