ART DIRECTION · DESIGN · PHOTOGRAPHY — All content created by or in collaboration with Jon Pernul unless otherwise stated.

The flashing lights from Calgary Police vehicles illuminate an otherwise dark Peace Bridge, while the rising waters of the Bow rush below. The Peace Bridge is usually brightly lit at night. The community of Sunnyside completely evacuated. Memorial Drive is quiet and empty, with the exception of emergency vehicles and the sound of pumps hard at work. Water, debris and sediment starts to seep onto the pathways on the north bank of the Bow River. The flashing lights from Calgary Police vehicles illuminate an otherwise dark Peace Bridge. The water level continues to rise along the banks of the Bow River. Lights from a still lit downtown core reflect off of the wet pathway. Benches too close for viewing comfort sit next to the rising waters of the Bow. Except for the lights of passing emergency vehicles, Memorial Drive has become a dark, abandoned street. A pathway completely submerged, as the rising waters of the Bow rush below. Surprisingly, the lights are still working. Downtown Calgary's west end viewed from the Louise Bridge. The murky waters of the Bow rush by below.

Calgary Flood // Part 1: The Bow

During the early morning hours of June 21, 2013, a beautifully eerie landscape emerges as the city prepares for the eventual overflow of the Bow River’s banks. The strong smell of an unknown gas permeates the air, as the murky waters of the Bow flow at a rate I had never seen before.

Shot between 1:00 and 3:30 am, Friday, June 21, 2013

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